Land Use

  • Rural Character
    Many new developments maintain elements of Dublin's rural character.
  • Asset for Residents
    Dublin's assistance has made the Glacier Ridge Metro Park a significant open space asset for residents.
  • Quality Design
    Dublin is widely know as a planned community focused on quality design.


  • Land Use Overview

    Since 1995, Dublin’s residents and policy-makers have desired a plan that would control future traffic congestion to the greatest extent feasible, while maintaining appropriate land uses and continued fiscal health. It was recognized that although development patterns outside the City boundary may not always match Dublin’s expectations, surrounding growth will, nevertheless, have a significant impact on the City. The Community Plan process has sought to mitigate these potential impacts.
    Existing Conditions
    Existing Conditions Existing Conditions
  • Land Use Modeling

    The existing land use inventory was used as a basis to identify potential development areas consisting of vacant or underutilized land within the study area. Based upon public input and discussion with City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission, several land use scenarios were developed to evaluate land use impacts from multiple perspectives to the horizon year 2030. more
  • The Land Use Plan

    The Community Plan is the key policy document for decision-making about Dublin’s built and natural environments. The Community Plan text and associated maps contain detailed recommendations for future development including the appropriate location and density or intensity of residential and commercial uses; the general location and character of roads; the general location of parks, open space and public buildings; and the general sites for and extent of public water and sanitary sewer utilities. more
  • Objectives & Strategies

    Objective 1: Use the Community Plan text and maps to guide development decisions and to promote public health, safety, welfare and aesthetics. more
  • Special Area Plans

    While the future land use plan ensures compatible and coordinated growth throughout Dublin, key areas of the City will undergo significant change. In those areas where substantial development and redevelopment activity is likely, special area plans provide and illustrative framework to guide development in a way that fosters a scene of place and establishes community identity in key locations. more