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The City will bring the chipper machine to private residences with a house number and remove tree and shrub trimmings subject to the following established regulations:

  • Trimmings should be at least 4 feet in length. There is no maximum length – longer trimmings are easier for City crews to remove.
  • The machine will accept branches with a maximum diameter of 8 inches.
  • All trimmings must be piled within 6 feet of the curb or at the end of the driveway. Trimming piles should be placed neatly with the cut off ends pointed towards the street.
  • Trees and bushes with roots cannot go through the chipper machine. Roots must be cut off and processed through other composting programs.
  • Tree and shrub clippings only. No vines or honeysuckle. Clippings which include vines or honeysuckle will not be picked up.
  • No FIREWOOD, lumber, boards, wire or other debris.
  • City equipment and employees will not come on private property to remove trimmings.
  • Clippings should not be piled near mailboxes, fire hydrants or parked cars, as they may scratch the cars. Clippings deemed too close to parked cars will not be picked up.
  • Chipping service is limited to one truck load per appointment per household. Residents with excessive amounts or who are unable to wait for their scheduled pick up should make other arrangements.
  • City employees will not leave mulch at residences.