Pumpkin Composting Runs Through Dec. 9

Pitch your gourds at Dublin’s pumpkin composting bin at the Service Center (6555 Shier Rings Road) starting Oct. 17 and continuing through Dec. 9.

Please only place pumpkins and other gourds in the container. All other compostable food waste and scraps should be deposited in the green GoZero containers.

All pumpkins and gourds will be composted at Price Farms Organics, which will help divert them from the landfill.

Please note that pumpkins cannot be included with your yard waste pick-up as they do not decompose like grass clippings or leaves, and are therefore not accepted by yard waste processing facilities.

Funds for the City of Dublin’s Food Waste Collection Drop Off are provided by the Solid Waste Association of Central Ohio (SWACO).

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