2022 Street Maintenance Program

The City of Dublin invests each year to keep our streets in great shape. Dozens of streets in neighborhoods around the City will be improved this year. These improvements include roadway resurfacing and reconstruction, roadway base stabilization, roadway spot repair, curb and gutter replacement, installation of ADA compliant curb ramps and other associated work.

The street maintenance program runs annually. Please see the interactive map below for the streets planned for the next five years (subject to change). Residents will receive a notification if their street is on the list. The City and contractor will keep residents informed through the stages of construction.

The following work is scheduled for the week of Sept. 12, 2022:

Work Status

  • Concrete curb and gutter and curb ramp removals/replacement
    • Baythorn Court, Aldridge Place, Tenbury Drive, Worsley Place, Worsley Court, Reddington Drive, Reddington Court
  • Asphalt Milling and Paving
    • Forest Knoll Drive, Forest Knoll Court, Fawnbrook Lane, Bristol Parkway
  • Restoration
    • North Riverview Street
  • Road Striping
    • Muirfield Drive, Perimeter Drive, Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin Park Drive, Sports Parkway, Post Road, Blazer Parkway and Wilcox Road
  • Raised Pavement Markers
    • Post Road


Traffic Impact

  • Asphalt paving and rejuvenating sealant will be weather dependent
  • Temporary lane and driveway closures are controlled by traffic control devices and/or flaggers
  • Affected residents will be contacted directly and notified


All work is weather dependent, and the schedule is subject to change.

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What you need to know:

  • All work will be performed while maintaining traffic where possible.
  • Traffic will be maintained as much as possible, but drivers should expect delays due to construction activities. Traffic will regularly be limited to one lane during work hours.
  • We request that residents keep vehicle travel on the road to a minimum during the construction activities.
  • Please follow the “no parking” signs in the work areas.


What happens during construction?

There are multiple stages in resurfacing or reconstructing a street. You will notice equipment such as backhoes, concrete saws, front-end loaders and dump trucks hauling construction materials in and out. There will be days when you observe a lot of activity and other days when you see very little activity. Once construction begins on your street, it will be completed in a timely manner.

How will I be affected during construction?

Access to your street, and sometimes your driveway, may be obstructed during construction hours. Some streets may be closed to through traffic. We do not plan to disturb private property. However, if any damage does occur to your lawn, it will be repaired. The City appreciates the property owner’s cooperation in watering newly seeded areas. Please notify your lawn services of any seeded areas on your property.

Your mailbox may be temporarily removed during this process. Temporary mailboxes will be placed during the project to allow for uninterrupted mail delivery. Once the improvements are done, your mailbox will be permanently reset in its original location in the same or better condition than when the project began.

There will be no changes in your emergency services. The police and fire departments will be notified of all traffic restrictions. All lawn waste, garbage and recyclable collection should continue according to their normal pick-up schedules unless you are advised otherwise.

When will the work take place?

Construction will start at 7 a.m. You will normally have access to your driveway. If a new curb is installed in front of your driveway, you will not have access to your driveway for 7 days. You will receive advance notice of this work.

Please minimize on-street parking in the work zone when possible. On-street parking will be available outside of the work limits.

What if I have a sprinkler system or underground dog fence by my curb?

If you have a sprinkler system or electric dog fence immediately behind the curb, please notify Jeremy Cooper at 614.410.4634 or jcooper@dublin.oh.us as soon as possible. Please have the irrigation system or dog fence marked with marking paint or flags prior to construction activities (following notification signage posted in your area.) The contractor will be notified so that they can use caution during curb removal or other work in the vicinity. Should the contractor damage your sprinkler system or dog fence after the City is notified and the irrigation system or dog fence was marked as requested, the contractor will repair it to its original condition as soon as possible. Once construction begins in front of your house, please test your dog fence before you let your dog out.

How do we determine which streets to pave/repair?

The Street Maintenance Program consists of replacement of deteriorated concrete curb and gutter, street base stabilization, milling of deteriorated pavement surfaces and placement of new asphalt pavement. The factors used to prioritize and select streets for inclusion in the program include:

  • Existing pavement condition index
  • Type and severity of deterioration
  • Average daily traffic
  • Functional classification of the street
  • Annual maintenance costs
  • Expected economy of grouping streets by location to gain contractor efficiency and minimize neighborhood disruptions
  • We also evaluate the condition of the existing curb and gutter that work is aligned with the pavement work


Communications with Residents and Drivers

The following communication methods will be used to communicate construction information with the residents and motorists throughout the duration of this project.

  • Fliers are placed on mailboxes at each residence on affected streets.  These fliers are distributed by Dublin staff.
  • Residents whose driveways will be closed during construction will be given written notice at their front door at least 24 hours in advance of the closure.  These are distributed by the contractor.
  • Temporary signs are placed along streets at least 24 hours in advance of construction to notify residents and motorists of upcoming construction work and anticipated construction dates.
  • When appropriate, portable message board signs are used for construction notification on arterial and collector streets.
  • The City of Dublin Engineering Division street maintenance website gives current construction schedule information.  This website is listed on the signs posted in advance of construction activities and in the flier placed on mailboxes. The website is dublinohiousa.gov/construction.
  • Due to the short notification time period for driveway closures, Dublin Engineering staff makes adjustments to the construction schedule to accommodate resident needs on a case-by-case basis.
  • Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor) is used to communicate timely construction updates.


If you have questions or would like more information please contact Aisling Babbitt, Public Affairs Officer at 614.907.0739 or ababbitt@dublin.oh.us.