Dublin residents will not see rise in 2012 for recreation center pass fees

December 14, 2011 – (DUBLIN, Ohio) – The City of Dublin has announced its updated fee schedule for the 2012 fiscal year.

Each year Dublin City Council reviews the fees associated with City-provided services. The annual review is completed by City Council in an effort to seek alternative and more equitable ways to finance City services. This process allows City Council to make informed decisions as to whether or not to subsidize services with tax dollars or establish fees where costs are paid by those who receive service benefits.

“One of our primary goals is being good financial stewards,” said Angel Mumma, Deputy City Manager/Director of Finance and Administration. “By making everything run as efficiently as possible, the City of Dublin has been able to maintain the costs associated with our recreational services.”

Recreation services is one area in particular that City Council has emphasized a desire to maintain a policy of recovering approximately 50 percent of the costs from the fees charged to program participants. For the calendar year 2012, there will not be any increase in recreation center pass fees for Dublin residents or residents within Dublin City School District.

“The City is fortunate that its planned economic development has allowed for continued economic growth, stability and health,” said Mumma. “This keeps fees for classes, day camps, swimming and other recreational amenities at a moderate level. City Council has implemented these financial policies to benefit its residents and encourage a healthy community.”

Annual passes for the Dublin Community Recreation Center range from $200 to $555 for residents and from $580 to $1,655 for non-residents. The cost of the pass is dependent on the number of individuals covered by the pass, from one to a family of five or more.

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