Faithful Friends – Variance

Case 23-137 – Variance – 6780 Liggett Road

Request for review and approval of a non-use (area) Variance under Zoning Code section 153.044(D)(2)(c) for a veterinary clinic building to reduce the side yard setback requirements which will allow the building to cross over the property line that bisects the site.

Applicant: Megan Cyr, The Kleingers Group
Planner: Zach Hounshell, Planner II | or 614.410.4652

Board of Zoning Appeals – February 22, 2024

Drawings | Planning Report | Project Narrative

Initial Submission – December 20, 2023

Project Narrative | Drawings

Dublin, Ohio, USA

5555 Perimeter Drive
Dublin, Ohio, 43017

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