Tomin Residence – Solar Panels

Case 22-112 – Non-Use (Area) Variance – 5692 Richgrove Lane

Request for a variance to allow solar panels as an accessory structure to be located on a street facing facade. The 0.19-acre site is zoned PLR, Planned Low Density Residential District – Brighton Park, and is located approximately 260 feet northeast of the intersection of Richgrove Lane and Kentfield Drive. Request for review and approval of a Non-Use (Area) Variance under the provisions of Zoning Code Section 153.231(H).

Applicant: Christopher Tomin
Planner: Tammy Noble, Senior Planner | or 614.410.4649

Board of Zoning Appeals – September 22, 2022

Planning Report | Applicant Statement | Drawings

Initial Submission – August 3, 2022

Applicant Statement | Drawings

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