City of Dublin Partners with Automotus to Implement Curbside Management Analytics

Dublin, Ohio – The City of Dublin has launched a new initiative to evaluate curbside parking utilization for the purpose of informing the City’s Curbside Management Plan. The City is partnering with Automotus, a leading curb management company, to gather real-time data on curbside activity for the Longshore Street Corridor, in the City’s Bridge Park area. This data will be used to help make streets more efficient, increase traffic flow, reduce emissions and improve safety for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Competition for curbside parking has increased dramatically over the last decade, and even more so over the past 24 months as consumers opt for delivery and pick-up methods. Increased demand for delivered goods means more commercial deliveries and rideshare drivers are on the road, and congestion in city streets is increased by growing competition for curbside parking.


To tackle these challenges and adapt with the City’s growth, the City of Dublin’s Transportation & Mobility Division is developing a Curbside Management Study to evaluate best practices and policies to support efficient use of curbspace. Automotus curbside analytics will provide the City with the real-time data and insights critical to developing policies that are more reflective of actual demand.

“Dublin is a thriving, dynamic city committed to improving the lives and drives of our residents, business partners and visitors in a comprehensive and data-driven manner,” said Dublin’s Director of Transportation & Mobility Jeannie Willis. “By using Automotus technology, we will be able to make more informed decisions about how we’re managing curb space to improve the overall experience for those who live in or travel to Dublin.”

Automotus will install cameras on streetlights that provide a view of the curbside and adjacent traffic lanes, allowing the City to collect real-time curb and traffic activity data to inform data-driven policy decisions. Specific metrics include curbside occupancy; parking turnover; average dwell times; and violations. Each data point can then be broken down by vehicle type and can distinguish between internal combustion engines and electric. All data is processed at the edge and is de-identified before being shared.

“Automotus is proud to work alongside the City of Dublin to provide the curbside data it needs to make informed decisions to improve the quality of life for its residents and businesses,” said Armen Kazaryan, Automotus Vice President.

The Automotus curbside analytics are deployed along Longshore Street and will help the City to better understand and respond to changing transportation trends. The data will also provide curbside parking availability data that will be open to the public. The program is slated to operate until the end of 2023.


About the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA

Dublin is a city of nearly 50,000 residents located just northwest of Columbus, Ohio. It offers residents and corporate citizens responsive services, attractive housing options, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space, thoughtful and strategic planning, innovative ideas and technology and a dynamic community life. Dublin is ranked the number one small city in Ohio and is consistently named one of the safest cities in the nation. It is home to more than 20 corporate headquarters, an entrepreneurial center, 4,300+ businesses, world-class events and the urban, walkable Bridge Street District. For more information, visit or call 614.410.4400.


Automotus is a curb management company that is dedicated to making our communities safer, healthier and more accessible by addressing the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle congestion and emissions. Automotus uses first-of-its-kind computer vision technology to help cities, airports, and fleets by fully automating labor-intensive curb operations such as payments for vehicle (un)loading and parking; enforcement of curb violations; and management of preferred loading zones and discounted rates for commercial EVs. Our technology also monitors and collects real-time activity data at the curb to inform smarter policies that promote equity, access and sustainability.

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