Dublin Connector Eases the Commute to Work

Benjamin Trotter works at Dublin’s Giant Eagle on Perimeter Loop five days a week. Currently, Benji does not yet have his license, so getting to his job was a difficult process, leaving him at the liberty of his parents to drive him to his workplace. Today, Benji uses the Dublin Connector on his daily commute to and from work, which has been much more convenient and efficient for the Trotter family and makes it easier for them to tackle busy day-to-day life.

“I first heard about the Dublin Connector through the City of Dublin website,” says Benji’s mother, Ann Trotter. “Then, one day during the summer, my husband and I were at Bridge Park, and we noticed a man at a table with information about the service. We talked to him about the program and set up an account for Benji.”

The Dublin Connector is a free transportation service for Dublin residents over the age of 55, residents with disabilities or anyone who works in Dublin. The Dublin Connector provides necessary transportation options for Dublin’s workforce, eliminating a barrier for many jobseekers looking to work in the community.

The program is sponsored by the City of Dublin and operated by SHARE Mobility. To use the Dublin Connector, create a SHARE Mobility account. Trips must be booked at least two hours in advance and can be booked through the SHARE Mobility app, the Dublin Connector website or by calling 833.742.7333. The Dublin Connector will pick up and drop off to any address in Dublin.

“The staff is really nice,” Benji states. “All are reliable.”

Additionally, the Dublin Connector is a transportation system with many benefits. For example, it has wheelchair accessibility, professional drivers and sanitized vehicles. The SHARE Mobility app makes the scheduling process simple.

“The website is easy to navigate and schedule rides in advance,” Ann says. “Overall, we’re very happy with the service.

“It’s been great because it gives him some freedom and flexibility,” Ann elaborates. “Because Benji doesn’t yet have his driver’s license, his father or I would have to take him and pick him up from work. This service frees us up from that and really benefits us all.”

Not only is the Dublin Connector flexible, but it is also environmentally friendly by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. This decreases greenhouse gas emissions, accident rates, traffic congestion and the need for repairs to public infrastructure due to vehicle wear and tear.

“The Dublin Connector is great as it is!” assures Benji to anyone considering utilizing the service.

To learn more about the Dublin Connector, visit https://www.sharemobility.com/dublin.

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