The Abbey Theater of Dublin Sheds Light on Student Writers at the Otterbein Playwrights Collective

The Abbey Theater of Dublin will produce two scripts written by Otterbein University students for the theater’s third annual Otterbein Playwrights Collective. Performances will be held in person on June 30-July 1 at 7 p.m. and July 2 at 2 p.m.

This is the third annual summer collaboration between Otterbein and the Abbey Theater. This year’s collective consists of two one-act shows written by Otterbein students. The acts will be workshopped, rehearsed and performed by Dublin-based teens before taking center stage.

“This year, we wanted to invite playwrights to build characters and stories based on their cast,” Otterbein Associate Professor of Creative Writing Jeremy Llorence says. “To that end, we selected our playwrights based on sample scripts then gave them headshots and told to write brand new, one-act plays with these actors in mind. We also have the benefit of young, powerhouse directors and crew members to help unleash the potential of these fresh scripts.”

The featured plays are: 

Playwright: Abby Giardina (she/her)

Play: Summer Camp

Premise: On the last night of their last summer camp together, five teenage camp counselors confront their pasts in order to face their futures, while simultaneously searching for a missing camper.


Playwright: Jasmine Shanaah (they/them)

Play: Aonn

Premise: Upon discovery of a dollar bill covered in strange symbols, a young barista falls into a chaotic and must battle bizarre forces in order to restore an objective reality.


Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone at 614.410.4550.

Joe Bishara
Abbey Theater Supervisor
City of Dublin

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