Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Dublin

🧧 Jan. 21-22 | The Dublin Link will be lit red and gold to ring in good fortune.

🧧 Jan. 21-28 | Volunteers created a display as part of the City’s Culture Corner, which is viewable at the Dublin Community Recreation Center. Check out more about the history of the Lunar New Year, and find some takeaway craft ideas.

🧧 Jan. 28 | Noon to 5 p.m. | Dublin Scioto High School — Attend the Chinese New Year Festival with arts, crafts and music! The event is hosted by students, The Ohio Contemporary Chinese School and the Ohio Chinese Culture Link.

🧧 Feb. 11 | 12:30-4 p.m. | Daniel Wright Elementary School | Taiwanese Lunar New Year Celebration.  Enjoy a raffle drawing and performances, including Dragon Dances, Kung-fu, Chinese traditional musical instruments, heritage dances and more.

Dublin resident Dakun explains some of her family’s favorite Lunar New Year traditions.

  1. “Usually after early January, we put away our Christmas decorations, do a thorough cleanup of the house (to clean out bad luck), and put out Lunar New Year decorations, hanging red lanterns and Chinese lucky knot, sticking red paper cutting arts on windows, and pasting an upside down ‘fortune’ character in Chinese or drawings of Door Gods on our front door or fireplace.”
  2. “We enjoy making traditional dumplings together as a family. We make at least two to three types of fillings, with different types of veggies or meat. We sometimes use spinach or beet juice to make different colors of dumpling wraps. There are different ways of wrapping the dumplings, too, that I enjoy exploring with my kids. We also put one peanut in a few dumplings, and whoever gets to eat these are extra lucky. My son and daughter are really good at making handmade dumpling wraps and making dumplings. They enjoy doing this with us. It is a great family time.”
  3. “On Lunar New Year eve, we give out red envelopes with ‘lucky’ money in them to our children. They bow to us and accept with two hands. We also exchange well wishes for the new year during the process.”

Thanks for sharing, Dakun!

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