Crime Victim Services

As a victim of crime, you have constitutionally protected rights. Review the resources below. If you choose, you may complete the Ohio Victims’ Rights Request Form. A victims’ rights advocate can further assist you.

Ohio Victims’ Rights Request Form

As a victim of crime, you have constitutionally protected rights. Some rights are automatic. Some rights require your request. The Ohio Victims’ Rights Request Form provides essential information about your rights. The form is NOT a public record.

Police will go over a victim’s rights with them in person. If you are a victim of an offense of violence, a sexually oriented offense, or a protection order violation, a police officer will review this form with you in person. If you choose to complete this form, criminal justice officials know which rights you wish to exercise. These rights also apply to victims of all other criminal offenses.

Law enforcement will provide victims of all other offenses information on accessing the form online or provide a printed form upon request. 

Crime Victim Restitution Amount Summary Form

Victims of a criminal offense have a constitutional right to receive full restitution from the person who committed the criminal offense or delinquent act against them. Victims may choose to seek restitution, but do not have to. Restitution may be awarded to the victim’s estate if the victim is deceased.

This form is designed to assist you in gathering information to present at a restitution hearing after the offender has been found guilty or adjudicated delinquent. Restitution does not necessarily cover every loss suffered by the victim. The victim retains the ability to seek damages from the offender in a civil action if necessary.

Protection Orders

Protection Orders

There are four types of protection orders:

      • Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order (DVTPO)
      • Criminal Protection Order (CRPO)
      • Stalking Sexually Oriented Offender Protection Order (SSOOPO)
      • Civil Protection Order (CPO)

Criminal Protection Orders

(DVTPO/CRPO) If you are considered a Family/Household Member*, you may be eligible to request a protection order (DVTPO) if the defendant (offender) is charged with: domestic violence, assault, menacing by stalking, aggravated trespass. 

If you are NOT considered as a family/household member, you may be eligible for a criminal protection order (CRPO) if the defendant (offender) is charged with: assault, felonious assault, menacing by stalking, aggravated menacing, menacing, aggravated trespass or any sexually oriented offense under ORC 2950.01.

Civil Protection Orders (SSOPO/CPO) a Stalking Sexually Oriented Offender Protection Order (SSOOPO) is issued when sexually oriented crimes or stalking crimes have been committed, but charges are not required. A Civil Protection Order (CPO) is filed to protect victims of domestic violence where charges are not required.

*A Family/Household Member is defined by 2919.25(F)(1) as any one of the following who is residing with or has resided with the offender. A spouse, person living as a spouse, former spouse , a child or parent of the offender or spouse, natural parent of a child when the offender is the other parent.

*A victim advocate can assist you on how to obtain a protection order. 

Victim Support Resources

Find more information and the list of resources at

Crime Victim Compensation

Ohio Victims of Crime Program

May provide reimbursement for out-of-pocket personal injury expenses caused by a crime. Lost, damaged or stolen property is not covered.

Legal Services 

      • The Legal Aid Society of Columbus
      • Provides free and reduced fee representation and referrals for low-income persons in civil matters.
      • Columbus Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services
      • Capital Law School Family Advocacy Clinic
      • Provides counsel to victims of domestic violence for all legal issues.

Prosecutor’s Offices

City of Dublin/Franklin County Municipal Court

Cindi Newsome, Dublin Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor)

Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office
Victim Witness Assistance Unit (Felony)

      • Adult | 614.525.3555
      • Juvenile | 614.525.4440

Support, education, information and assistance to victims

Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office (Municipal Court)


Union County Prosecutor’s Office




Emergency Services
      • Call 911 for life-threatening emergencies
      • All Columbus-area hospitals provide referral and social service support for crime victims
      • Dublin Police Non-Emergency
      • Columbus Police Non-Emergency
      • Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
      • Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
      • Union County Sheriff’s Office
      • Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office Domestic Violence and Anti-Stalking Unit

Emergency Housing

614.224.4663 — This is a 24-hour service for victims of domestic violence only. Emergency shelter, counseling, crisis hotline, outreach counseling at hospital locations, referral information and victim advocacy.

Turning Point

800.232.6505 — Emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and other services for Union and Delaware counties. Texting services are available.

Volunteers of America, Men’s Service Center

614.224.8650 — Emergency housing, meals and support services

Homeless Shelters in the Columbus Area

Counseling Services

    • Catholic Social Services
      614-221-5891 — Family counseling. Individual, group, marriage and substance abuse counseling. Crisis intervention. Emergency housing.
    • Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Clinical Social Work)
      8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
    • Mt. Carmel Crime & Trauma Assistance Program
    • Directions for Youth and Families
      614.251.0103 — Alcohol, drug and individual counseling. Family life education and home management.
    • Dublin Counseling Center
    • Syntero
    • Shannon Black-Dotson, Public Safety Services Liaison
    • 614.889.5722 or — Individual, group and family counseling for youth and adults, including marital and substance/alcohol abuse counseling. The Dublin Police Department also partners with Syntero to link people with mental and behavioral health services and resources. 

Phone: 911

Non-Emergency Service
: 614.889.1112

Dublin Justice Center
Address: 6565 Commerce Parkway, Dublin, OH 43017
Phone: 614.410.4800 | Fax: 614.761.6535

Justice Center Hours: Open 24/7
Records Department Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Court Services
Phone: 614.410.4920 | Fax: 614.761.6598

Email Dublin Police
Contact the Dublin Police Department via email.

Submit an Anonymous Tip
Submit an anonymous tip to the Dublin Police regarding crime.       

Submit Traffic Complaint
Fill out a traffic complaint; this is NOT live monitored.

Public Records Request Overview

In order to support faster response and better tracking of requests, the City of Dublin uses JustFOIA to collect, respond to and manage public information requests.

Why JustFOIA?

JustFOIA is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online application that helps streamline the open records request process for the community and improve efficiencies in getting requested information quickly and accurately.

The application lets community members submit requests for all city records, including police reports. Commonly requested information includes accident reports, copies of resolutions and body-camera video.

Submit a Public Records Request

Report an Issue
Request a service or report an Issue.

Tell Dublin
Send us your public input.

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