It's Greener in Dublin

Green Fleet

The City of Dublin has earned the No. 3 ranking on the 100 Best Green Fleets list in the 2022 National Fleet Management Association Awards and was awarded eighth place in the Top 50 Leading Fleets from Government Fleet.

The Fleet Management Division strives to establish efficient and effective delivery of City fleet services by providing customer agencies with safe, reliable, economically and environmentally sound transportation and related support services that are responsive to the needs of customer departments and that conserve vehicle value and equipment investment. If we’re not customer driven, our vehicles won’t be either.

Dublin’s Fleet Management is among the most awarded in the country. Among its accomplishments, it is an ASE Blue Seal Shop with six ASE Master Certificated Technicians.

Charging Stations

EV Car Charging Stations in Dublin

  • City Hall
  • Dublin Community Recreation Center
  • Service Center
  • Development Building
  • Darby Street Parking Lot 

Rain Barrels

What is a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels connect to downspouts to collect rainwater from roofs. The collected water can be used to water gardens.

It’s Greener in Dublin because of you

From the Scioto River and Indian Run Falls to ponds and fountains, Dublin’s waters define our city. We share our water resources, and, likewise, share responsibility for protecting and conserving those water resources whenever possible. Rain barrels are a great way to protect Dublin’s waters by reducing stormwater pollution and waste.

Modern rain barrels:

  • Come in a great variety of colors, styles and designs to complement your home’s look.
  • Are closed containers to prevent children, pets and mosquitoes from getting in.
  • Have a spigot so rainwater can be easily accessed and used to water gardens and flower beds. Come in easy, ready-to-install kits.

Rain Barrel Benefits

  • Safely and efficiently reduce water use and water bills!
  • Protect our river and streams and decrease storm drain floods by reducing the amount of rain that enters drains during major storms.
  • Plants prefer rainwater over hose water because it is chlorine-free.
  • Using less water in our yards conserves limited freshwater resources for future generations.


Code Update:

  • Rain barrels made of natural materials, designed to appear similar to a wood barrel, planter, stone boulders or similar may remain as constructed and are not to match in color the attached building.
  • Plastic rain barrels must be neutral in color, painted to match your house, or match as closely as possible.


$50 Rain Barrel Reimbursement

Interested in backyard conservation? The Community Backyards program offers Dublin residents a $50 reimbursement on the purchase of a rain barrel (one reimbursement per household). Together, Dublin and Franklin Soil and Water strive to promote stormwater education within Franklin County while promoting the use of rain barrels and rain gardens. This helps introduce residents to backyard conservation practices including composting, using native plants and trees in your landscape and responsible lawn care maintenance. Keeping rain where it falls and using it as a resource keeps our watersheds healthy and safe!

Read more about Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District and the Community Backyard program on their website at

To receive a $50 rebate for a rain barrel, attend a workshop in person or online and take an easy online quiz. Learn more:

To receive your reimbursement for your rain barrel purchase, you must submit a voucher and valid receipt with photos of installed item to Franklin Soil and Water. You can also purchase an item from one of the local participating retailers to receive an immediate discount and not wait for a reimbursement to be sent to you.

Please contact Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District at 614.486.9613 or visit

Public Records Request Overview

In order to support faster response and better tracking of requests, the City of Dublin uses JustFOIA to collect, respond to and manage public information requests.

Why JustFOIA?

JustFOIA is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online application that helps streamline the open records request process for the community and improve efficiencies in getting requested information quickly and accurately.

The application lets community members submit requests for all city records, including police reports. Commonly requested information includes accident reports, copies of resolutions and body-camera video.

Submit a Public Records Request


We are and always have been a proud local democracy. In our service, we strive to provide the best quality of life and environment in which our residents and businesses can thrive. We seek to ally our proud traditions with the best innovations of the future.


Dublin, Ohio, is the most sustainable, connected and resilient global city of choice.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Communication, Teamwork, Accountability, Positive Attitude & Dedication to Service.

The City of Dublin operates under a set of seven key core values: integrity, respect, communication, teamwork, accountability, positive attitude and dedication to service. Staff members use these seven values as the basis for daily decision-making, including the decisions that go into the budget process.

  • Integrity. We are open and honest. We honor our commitments to the community and each other. Our actions are consistent with what we say.
  • Respect. We treat our coworkers and members of the community with courtesy and dignity. We embrace diversity and acknowledge the needs, responsibilities and inherent worth of each individual.
  • Communication. We maintain an environment in which employees feel free to share ideas and information. We promote open interaction throughout the organization to ensure knowledge and understanding among all employees and our community.
  • Teamwork. We create a climate in which all employees work together and support the individual talents and contributions of team members. We celebrate successes and see mistakes as opportunities for growth; we will never willingly let a member of our team fail.
  • Accountability. We are responsible to our community and each other for our personal and organizational decisions, actions and performance results. We are committed stewards of our City’s assets and resources.
  • Positive Attitude. We focus our efforts on constructive behavior, attitudes and solutions. We promote an environment that people love going to every day – a place where each individual can find a sense of belonging, inspiration, enjoyment and meaning.
  • Dedication to Service. We pursue innovation and continuous improvement in all we do. We are committed to efficient, effective and responsive service delivery that makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Leadership Philosophy

We are members of an organization that succeeds because of teamwork, dedication, diversity and the innovative spirit of all of   our members. Together, we build a culture of trust, service, mutual respect, inclusion and open communication. We hold ourselves mutually accountable to promote and sustain continuous learning and to develop the learning potential that exists in every member of our team.

City Code

The complete Dublin City Code is available online at American Legal City Ordinance website. Information staff at the Dublin branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library are available to help navigate this website.

Revised Charter of Dublin, Ohio

This Revised Charter, as adopted on March 19, 1996, became effective on July 4, 1996.

Zoning Code

The Zoning Code for Dublin is Chapter 153 of the Dublin Code of Ordinances. The Zoning Code sets land development requirements and establishes different uses within individual districts. Zoning regulations address the physical development of a site, such as building height, lot requirements, setbacks from lot lines, minimum numbers of parking spaces, sign types and sizes, and other related regulations.

City Hall
5555 Perimeter Dr.
Dublin, Ohio 43017


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