Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center

Dublin is home to the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center (NRECC), which dispatches for Dublin, Hilliard, Upper Arlington and Worthington police as well as the Washington Township, Norwich Township, Upper Arlington and Worthington fire departments. NRECC’s highly trained staff are here to answer your emergency calls and send help where it is needed.

NRECC is the primary public safety dispatch center for the City of Dublin, City of Hilliard, City of Upper Arlington, City of Worthington, Washington Township (Dublin) and Norwich Township (Hilliard).

Located inside the Dublin Justice Center, NRECC was formed in October 2013 when Dublin began providing dispatching services for Norwich Township Fire and became the primary 9-1-1 answering point for all of Hilliard. Dispatching for Hilliard Police started in January 2014. Dispatching for Upper Arlington Fire started in October 2017 and dispatching for Upper Arlington Police started in January 2018. Dispatching for Worthington Fire started in July 2020, and dispatching for Worthington Police started September 2020.

Managed by the Technical Services Division of the Dublin Police Department, the consolidated center is staffed by 29 communications technicians, six communications supervisors, three communications managers, one operations manager and one bureau director.

An executive committee of the participating agencies provides policy and management direction while a police policy board and a fire/EMS policy board provide procedural input for day-to-day operations.

NRECC is the primary answering point for all wireline and voice-over-internet calls placed within the City of Dublin, the City of Hilliard, the City of Upper Arlington and the City of Worthington. As one of six wireless PSAPs, NRECC is also the primary answering point for 9-1-1 calls placed from wireless phones throughout northwest Franklin County.

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NRECC staff dispatches for the following agencies

Question? Contact Bureau Director Jay Somerville at 614.410.4911 or

Want to observe an NRECC communications technician on the job? Send this form to Communications Manager Stephanie Skipworth at

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The NRECC is a user of the Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System and utilizes system talk-groups to dispatch for participating agencies. For more information on COIRS, visit

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Mission Statement

Dublin Police Department employees are committed to protecting life, liberty and property. We will provide the highest level of service and work in partnership with our community to ensure public safety by focusing on the following core principles;

  • Vigilant, Ethical and Impartial Enforcement of Law
  • Critical Incident Preparedness and Response
  • Crime Prevention, Reduction and Deterrence
  • Improvement of Traffic Safety

We will remain dedicated to service and committed to excellence, focusing on the following core values:

Professionalism — We are members of an exceptional and highly trained law enforcement organization. Our conduct and demeanor adhere to the highest standards of personal and organizational excellence.

Integrity — We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness, and ethical conduct.

Respect — We ensure that all persons are treated with equality, dignity and courtesy.

CommitmentWe are dedicated to our profession, our community, our agency and our mission. 

2022 GOALS 

  • Enhance and demonstrate our ability to effectively address issues of significant community concern 
  • This goal has led to the creation of the Chief’s Advisory Committee, which meets with Chief of Police Justin Páez, as well as DPD executive staff, to provide valued advice, perspective, recommendations and feedback on significant community-police relations issues. The group includes community members in an open dialogue about policing practices. 
  • This goal focuses on the reduction of drug abuse in our community with programs such as the Dublin Drug Take Back. (Link to new page) 
  • The department has also been increasingly engaged in combating human trafficking in the Dublin community based on this goal. 


The Dublin Police Department has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)  since 1990. The department uses the CALEA process as a guide to ensure the overall quality of operations. The process helps the agency ensure that quality and comprehensive policies are in place, that appropriate reports are compiled to assist leadership in decision-making, and that regular quality checks are conducted on agency operations.  

Police continually use the standards provided by CALEA to enhance public safety services for the city. The accreditation process consists of three major categories: statistical and annual reporting, annual file review, and on-site assessment. 

The Dublin Police received its tenth reaccreditation in 2021. There are 460 standards in law enforcement accreditation, and the Dublin Police Department is compliant with 99% of the applicable standards. On-site compliance accreditation occurs every four years. 

There is also an annual review of the department’s CALEA standards by a CALEA Compliance Service Member, including a portion where the community can participate. 

The Dublin Police Department consists of multiple work units that are focused on dedicated service and commitment to protecting life, liberty and property. 

Patrol (District Officers) 

Police officers are assigned to different zones throughout the Dublin community to ensure safety coverage by an officer. 

Community Education Unit  

This section of the police department aims to educate the public and offer protection inside the Dublin City Schools buildings.  

School Resource Officers 

School Resource Officers, or SROs, work to bridge the gap between police officers and students, helping to 

  • increase positive attitudes toward law enforcement, 
  • encourage more cooperation between students and police, 
  • reduce juvenile crime, 
  • and develop an atmosphere conducive to learning.  

Community Impact Unit  

 Bicycle Patrol 

 Detective Unit 

 Drone Unit 

 Support Services  

 Special Event Security 

Training is a major component of the Dublin Police Department. With a focus on properly educating and preparing officers through the Columbus Police Academy and DPD’s Field Training and Evaluation Program, officers also receive annual, biannual and other ongoing training.

Response to Resistance Training 

Officers are required to review the response to resistance policies (LINK TO new RTR page) annually in conjunction with Spring Defensive Tactics training. This covers de-escalation practices, appropriate response techniques to resistance, scenario-based training and appropriate decision-making. 

Advanced Training 

Accreditation Update 

All staff receive a review of  CALEA accreditation and the accompanying processes in preparation for the CALEA on-site assessment. 


The Dublin Police Department (DPD) prides itself on the processes in place that review police officers, their actions and the internal affairs in order to hold the agency accountable to the public.

The Dublin Police Department (DPD) prides itself on the processes in place that review police officers, their actions and the internal affairs in order to hold the agency accountable to the public.

Public Records Request Overview

In order to support faster response and better tracking of requests, the City of Dublin uses JustFOIA to collect, respond to and manage public information requests.

Why JustFOIA?

JustFOIA is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online application that helps streamline the open records request process for the community and improve efficiencies in getting requested information quickly and accurately.

The application lets community members submit requests for all city records, including police reports. Commonly requested information includes accident reports, copies of resolutions and body-camera video.

Submit a Public Records Request

Justice Center
6565 Commerce Parkway

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Ticket Window: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 911

Administrative (Housewatch | Copies of Reports)
Phone: 614.410.4800 | Fax: 614.761.6535

Non-Emergency Service (Lockouts | Accidents)
Phone: 614.889.1112 | Fax: 614.761.6535

Anonymous Tip Line (24-hour tip line)
Phone: 614.889.2618

Court Services
Phone: 614.410.4920 | Fax: 614.761.6598

Criminal Justice Officer
Phone: 614.410.4910 | Fax: 614.453.8749

Records Management
Phone: 614.410.4913 | Fax 614.761.6598

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