Downtown Dublin Investment & North High Street Impacts

North High Street is now back open to two-way traffic. It had been restricted to one-way, southbound traffic since late January as significant improvements were made. There is still some work to be done. During the next couple of weeks, there will be lane shifts, but two-way traffic will be maintained at all times. We thank drivers, and especially our High Street businesses for their patience during these important upgrades.

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Traffic impacts:

  • North High Street is restricted to one lane, with only southbound traffic permitted between North Street and Indian Run Drive.
  • Northbound and southbound traffic on North High Street will be permitted to turn west onto North Street most of the time.
  • Parking will not be permitted on North High Street between North Street and Indian Run Drive.


Getting around:

  • Southbound North High Street traffic will be maintained for the duration of the project.
  • Northbound North High Street traffic will be maintained between S.R. 161 (Bridge Street) and North Street.
  • Drivers can use North High Street or Darby Street to access the businesses along North High Street, the Columbus Metropolitan Library – Dublin Branch and Indian Run Elementary School.
  • Northbound traffic will be detoured from S.R. 161 to Riverside Drive (S.R. 257).
    • From the west, drivers should enter the roundabout at the S.R. 161/Riverside Drive intersection and take the third exit to travel North on Riverside Drive (S.R. 257).
    • From the east, drivers should enter the roundabout at the S.R. 161/Riverside Drive intersection and take the first exit to travel north on Riverside Drive (S.R. 257). This is essentially making a right turn at the intersection.
  • Drivers who are heading northwest can take westbound S.R. 161 to Post Road to Emerald Parkway.

As North High Street is widened, the City is proactively making other improvements to get it all done at the same time, which will lessen the need for future impacts.

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Additional improvements:

  • Relocation and replacement of a substandard waterline that services more than half of Dublin’s population
  • Construction of infrastructure for the relocation of overhead utilities underground to improve reliability and aesthetics
  • Addition of fiber to enhance capabilities for local businesses and promote economic development
  • Addition of parking to the area to accommodate future development, including the planned library expansion and renovation
  • New sidewalk on east side of North High Street connecting the Historic District to the future riverfront park
  • Replacement of recreation path on west side of North High Street
  • Aesthetic improvements, including landscaped median, street trees, grates and lighting featuring Historic District character
  • Granite curb and Historic District standard brick paver sidewalk
  • Addition of dedicated bicycle lane as part of a future cycle track through the Bridge Street District
  • Complete – In 2016, a retaining wall was built on the east side of North High Street in preparation for the widening project and other improvements.



VIDEO: Columbus Metropolitan Library New Building Design Proposal 1-10-17


VIDEO: North High Street Widening & Downtown Improvements Presentation 12-5-16

VISUALS: North High Street Widening & Improvements | Scioto River Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge

Q and A:

Why can 2-way traffic not be maintained?
A: The City looked extensively at options to maintain two-way traffic but found that it is logistically not possible to accommodate a temporary traffic signal in the area due to the steep slopes over Indian Run. The conditions are also unfavorable for safely maintaining two-way traffic via a flagging operation.

Additionally, maintaining two-way traffic with a flagging operation or temporary traffic signal would have the potential to create significant traffic back-ups onto S.R. 161, which would have a negative impact on the entire area. Allowing one-way (southbound) traffic will facilitate traffic flow into the downtown Dublin area. There are various routes out of the downtown Dublin area, including the official detour, which utilizes the newly-improved Riverside Drive for northbound traffic.

What is being done about all the construction traffic driving and parking in the area?
A: While it is unavoidable that construction vehicles will be in the area, several steps are being taken to minimize the impact to the driving public. The City has designated a staging area for the construction workers to park their vehicles and then shuttle to the construction site. Construction activity is also limited to certain hours as designated by the City.

Will I be able to turn onto North Street?
A: Drivers will be permitted to turn onto North Street from northbound and southbound High Street for most of the project. Beginning in early fall 2017, North Street will have restrictions for utility improvements. (All dates are approximate and subject to change due to weather or other schedule conflicts.)

If you are heading north to visit North High Street businesses and restaurants, you are encouraged to take Darby Street from S.R. 161 (Bridge Street) to access the parking areas.

Why are these improvements necessary?
A: The North High Street widening will add a turning lane that will improve traffic flow and accommodate upcoming redevelopment projects, including the library improvements and Crawford Hoying’s Bridge Park West development.

There are more than $120 million worth of public and private investment plans for the Downtown Dublin area on and along North High Street as part of the City’s Bridge Street District redevelopment. In addition to the North High Street improvements, those investments include the North Riverview Street Extension, the expansion of the Columbus Metropolitan Library – Dublin Branch and supporting streets and parking deck, the Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge, the west plaza and new parkland on the west side of the Scioto River, and Crawford-Hoying’s mixed-use development east of North High Street along the Scioto River.

Where can I find more information about the redevelopment taking place in Dublin along the Scioto River?
A: You can find more information on Dublin’s Bridge Street District at bridgestreet.dublinohiousa.gov.