City Surveys – Residents Still Happy in Dublin


Community Attitudes Survey

In the City’s latest Community Attitudes Survey, 98% of residents said Dublin is an excellent or good place to live, and 94% said Dublin is an excellent or good place to work. Satisfaction with City services and amenities was rated at 93% and above, with the exception of parking in Historic Dublin:

  • Police protection – 99%
  • Parks – 99%
  • City events – 99%
  • Chipper service – 98%
  • Recreation programming – 98%
  • Trash/recycling – 97%
  • Snow removal – 97%

  • Leaf collection – 97%
  • Outdoor Swimming pools – 97%
  • Bike paths – 96%
  • Recreation center – 95%
  • Neighborhood road condition – 94%
  • Mosquito control – 93%
  • Parking in Historic Dublin – 65%

Residents are also satisfied with how City officials maintain streets, roads, and architectural standards, as well as management of the City’s finances and planning for the future. And they appreciate their efforts to keep residents informed, seek community input, and listen to concerns. When asked what areas City officials should make priorities, residents listed providing City services and amenities, and addressing school issues.

Nine out of ten residents feel positive about developments in the Bridge Street District, saying it will strengthen the local economy, make Dublin more attractive to young professionals, and enhance Dublin’s reputation.

“It’s reaffirming to receive such positive feedback from residents,” said City Manager Dana McDaniel. “At the same time there’s always room for improvement. The results of this survey are an integral part of planning for the future, along with all the public input we receive. The City has a strong tradition of engaging and listening to the community and we will continue to uphold that tradition.”

The Community Attitudes Survey is conducted every few years to give residents yet another outlet to voice their opinions on myriad issues. For the 2016 Community Attitudes Survey, telephone interviews were conducted with a random sample of 400 registered voters via cell phone (79%) and landlines (21%) in January 2016.

The City uses the data in guiding policy decisions to enhance and continue high-quality service delivery. In 2013, respondents cited improving traffic flow, implementing the Bridge Street District plan, and improving the library as their highest priorities. In return, City officials have continued to invest energy and resources into these areas.



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