Abbey Accolades


  • Favorite Local Theatre
  • Best Director of a Musical (GREASE!)
  • Best Dance Production (GREASE!)
  • Best Performer in a Musical (GREASE!)
  • Best Scenic Design (GREASE!)
  • Best Choreography (GREASE!)
  • Best Ensemble Performance (GREASE!)
  • Best New Musical or Play (Abbey Theater and Evolution Theatre Company co-production of McQueen)
Ohio Parks and Recreation Association 
  • 3rd Place Award for Adaptive Programs & Events (Adaptive Extravaganza)

Theater Roundtable Annual Celebration

  • Innovation Award (Adaptive Extravaganza)
  • Standing Ovation Award (Theater Technician Jim Ziolkowski)
  • Citation by the Central Ohio Theater Critics


BroadwayWorld Columbus

  • Favorite Local Theatre
  • Best Direction of a Musical (RENT: School Edition)
  • Best Choreography (RENT: School Edition)
  • Best Ensemble Performance (RENT: School Edition)
  • Best Supporting Performer in a Musical (Arnav Nawani-RENT: School Edition)
  • Harold Award (Virtual Theatre Project)

The Virtual Theatre Project

When the curtain closed on large gatherings due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Abbey Theater of Dublin worked creatively to take their shows online. From virtual auditions and rehearsals to recording and streaming performances, the Abbey Theater brings the performing arts directly to the Dublin community through its award-winning series called the Virtual Theater Project.

James Garfield’s Decoration Day Address

On May 30, 1868, a crowd of 5,000 gathered at Arlington National Cemetery for the first Decoration Day exercises. Before strewing flowers upon the graves of the dead, the crowd listened to an address by James A. Garfield (1831–81), then an Ohio congressman who had also served as a major general in the Civil War. In this first of such annual addresses at Arlington National Cemetery, Garfield, who in 1881 would become the 20th president of the United States, sets a standard by explaining what Decoration Day is all about and why it should be commemorated.

The Abbey Theater of Dublin premiered this adaptation of Garfield’s Decoration Day Address on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021.

How To Be A Trainer

by Robert Cooperman

Dr. John leaves no stone unturned imparting his wisdom (with no filter) about the ins and outs of being a trainer. An irreverent one-man comedy written and performed by Robert Cooperman.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show April 16, 2021.

Could You Hug A Cactus?

In association with DCRC’s Preschool/Youth Program and DCRC’s Adaptive Services

“Could You Hug a Cactus?” is a virtual musical written to be rehearsed remotely, performed virtually and shared with audiences online. The storyline is linear, made up of monologues and songs intended to be performed as solos. Based on a collection of whimsical poems by Phillip Van Wagoner, this musical revue follows a group of kids as they come together to create a show that’s bursting with poems and creativity.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show March 5, 2021.


Written and Performed by Priyanka Shetty

#Charlottesville is a solo play about the Unite the Right white supremacist rally and the subsequent riots that took place from Aug. 11–12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The piece is constructed verbatim from interviews with local residents who were impacted by the events and explores the deep-seated racial inequities that have existed historically in Charlottesville. View the Digital Program for more information.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Feb. 19, 2021. Following its premiere, the play went on to be featured in multiple national theatre festivals.

In the News:


Future, Here

In association with Dublin Jerome High School

Welcome to Future, an unincorporated village being monitored by Society. The village population—five randomly selected children—is driven by a national effort to develop “appropriately adapted young citizens. Having lived in Future for 12 years, the residents are now 18. It is their last day together and at 00:00:00, they will learn of their next residence outside of Future.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Jan. 28, 2021.


Diary of Recovering Daughters

Through a series of monologues, a retired African American female counselor looks back on her years of being a mental health and chemical dependency counselor. As she packs up her office on her last day of work, she remembers some of the women whom she counseled, their struggles and the similarities between their life and her journey with recovering from her own past. A world premiere play written and performed by award-winning theatre artist Julie Whitney Scott.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Jan. 21, 2021.


The Floorwalkers – Virtual Concert

Brought up on the classics of American music, The Floorwalkers are a real live Columbus-based Rock ‘n’ Roll band built to drive emotion. Their exciting energy is full of life, love and good vibes – even in a virtual format!

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Dec. 4, 2020.


Original Productions Theatre (OPT) presents: go to coda by Dave Morgan

A world-premiere play that addresses the critical importance of family and the idea that the most special person in another’s life is always present in the mind in some form.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Nov. 20, 2020.


We Served

A play created by veterans about veterans. This special Veterans Day performance was a preview for the May 2021 full-scale world premiere production, which features a series of eleven vignettes created during a year-long writing project based on personal experiences of veterans in Central Ohio.
The Abbey Theater premiered the show Nov. 11, 2020.

Aliens, 3 Miles Turn Left

A man sitting at home, watching television, imagines being interviewed by Oprah, talking about his mundane life, marriage, job…and an alien encounter. A fun, spooky and family-friendly Halloween treat.
The Abbey Theater premiered the show Oct. 16, 2020.


Dracula for Kids

A virtual adaptation of Dracula like you have never experienced it before — quick, fun and appropriate for all ages! This new virtual play (designed to be rehearsed and performed remotely) is a mini-melodramatic virtual masterpiece sure to spark a love of classic literature for your child.
The Abbey Theater premiered the show Oct. 23, 2020.




BroadwayWorld Columbus
  • Best Direction of a Musical (LES MISERABLES: School Edition)
  • Best Direction of a Play (FROM WHITE PLAINS-Abbey Theater collaboration with Evolution Theatre Company)
  • Best Direction of a Stream (#CHARLOTTESVILLE)
  • Best Editing of a Stream (#CHARLOTTESVILLE)
  • Best Musical (LES MISERABLES: School Edition)
  • Best Performer in a Musical (Jeremy Hardjono-LES MISERABLES: School Edition)
  • Best Performer in a Play (Priyanka Shetty-#CHARLOTTESVILLE)
  • Best Performer in a Streaming Play (Priyanka Shetty-#CHARLOTTESVILLE)
  • Best In-Person Production of the Year (LES MISERABLES: School Edition)
  • Best Streaming Play (#CHARLOTTESVILLE)
  • Best Supporting Performer in a Musical (Angelina Powell- LES MISERABLES: School Edition)
  • Most Anticipated Upcoming Production of a Play (THE DUCHESS)
  • Best Choreography of a Play or Musical (SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD-Abbey Theater collaboration with State of the Arts Productions)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Kids

This virtual adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” sparks a love of Shakespeare while being accessible enough for kids (and adults) to understand!

The Abbey Theater premiered the show Oct. 2, 2020.

Russell Boiarsky – Virtual Concert

Featuring a unique acoustic rock/pop/indie sound, Russell Boiarsky’s seven self-written and produced albums have delighted music-lovers across the US as well as abroad in the UK. Intricate chord structures, rhythmic verses, and melodic choruses are all defining characteristics of Russell’s music, which were displayed in a virtual concert format.

The Abbey Theater premiered the concert on Sept. 25, 2020.


In celebration of the 157th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Abbey Theater of Dublin presented a live-stream performance of “Emancipation” – an adaptation of a speech delivered by Frederick Douglass in April 14, 1876 at the Unveiling of The Freedmen’s Monument in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show on Sept. 20, 2020.


Super Happy Awesome News!

Two siblings launch rival “good news” networks and find themselves competing for the title of happiest news show. Soon, their correspondents are in a whirlwind of ecstatic musical reporting – from joyful weather forecasts, to cheerful cooking segments and blissful political updates! But, when vulnerability starts peeking through the euphoric facade, they’re left wondering: is there room for raw honesty on a super happy broadcast?

The Abbey Theater premiered the show on Sept. 18, 2020.


The Sissy Chronicles

The Abbey Theater of Dublin, in association with Evolution Theatre Company, premiered the new one-person play, The Sissy Chronicles, written and performed by Mark Phillips Schwamberger. This personal recounting of the author’s life is a highly relatable exploration of the lived experience of a gay man. The play is filled with all the pathos and humor one expects from such a heartwarmingly in-depth accounting of the societal structures and patterns which confront, shape, and ultimately define the lives of those deemed “other” or “different.”

The Abbey Theater premiered the show on Sept. 17, 2020. Read more about the play in these articles (The Columbus Dispatch, Broadway World & Columbus Underground).


Written and performed by Monty Almoro

A poignant coming-of-age story, “Navigation” explores what it means to be a gay immigrant youth in America.

Navigation was originally produced by the Abbey Theater of Dublin to participate in the Spotlight Columbus Inc. 2020 South Asian Theatre Festival. It virtually premiered on Aug. 30, 2020.

Marie Regina: The Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

After 19 years of imprisonment, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, was beheaded by her cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England in 1587. Why was she beheaded? Was Mary really the adulterer and murderer that her enemies claimed her to be? This world premiere production streamed online will explore the life and death of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Written and performed by Nikki Davis.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show July 31, 2020. Read more about the play in these articles (Broadway World & Columbus Underground) and this Dublin News Now video


Scenes from a Quarantine

Did you know COVID-19 likes to be known as Co? What if Romeo and Juliet missed their marriage by one day because of a stay-at-home order? Would they still make it?You might recognize the people in Scenes from a Quarantine. The person who thinks quarantine is going to be easy. The person whose life changed overnight. The person who thinks hairdressers are an essential service. The person who just wants to use class meetings to talk.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show July 17, 2020.



Wellness Check (Blue and Green cast performances)

Set to be performed in a video conference call/online meeting, three characters struggle with wellness in uncertain times. A teacher tries too hard by calling themselves “Friendly.” A high achieving student has memorized the wellness check questions but in reality, isn’t doing so well. An underachiever needs to improve their grade, which is kind of hard with nine suspensions.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show July 10, 2020.


MOSAIC: Patriotic Virtual Concert

Youth pop group Sweet N Sour helped ring in Independence Day with a virtual performance including song, dance, musical theater, poetry and photography. The event, produced by the Abbey Theater of Dublin, also featured the Columbus Children’s Choir and Dr. Amit Majmudar, former Ohio poet laureate.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show July 3, 2020. Learn more about Sweet N Sour.

Watch Staged Reading of MLK’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’

As part of the Virtual Theatre Project, Dublin’s Abbey Theater presented a staged reading of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in honor of Juneteenth, which recognizes the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery.

The Abbey Theater premiered the show June 19, 2020. Read a preview of the online performance.


‘The Show Must Go Online’ Spreads Musical Theater Remotely

“The Show Must Go Online!” is the first of its kind musical written to be rehearsed remotely, performed virtually, and shared with audiences online. The storyline is linear, made up of monologues and songs intended to be performed as solos. When these scenes are video recorded and played in sequence, it presents a complete musical theater experience available to any audience with an internet connection.

Actors practice their parts, video conference with or record the director their rehearsal, and receive real time or remote acting adjustments and direction. This clear format facilitates distance learning for drama students and directors.

This show was created during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools and theaters were abruptly forced to cancel their stage productions. “The Show Must Go Online!” was made specifically for all the young performers and communities affected by this unprecedented circumstance.

The Abbey Theater of Dublin premiered the show May 22, 2020. Read a preview of the online performance.

About Abbey Theater of Dublin

Located in the Dublin Community Recreation Center (5600 Post Rd.), the 200-seat Abbey Theater of Dublin offers a wide variety of theatrical and musical performances, movies and lectures at community prices. The intimate venue is perfect for Central Ohio-based performing arts groups to produce outstanding entertainment. Under the direction of Joe Bishara, the Abbey Theater of Dublin has become a destination for theater companies and artists to premiere diverse and inclusive productions featuring artists of all ages for patrons of all ages. Support the arts in your community.

Tickets are available online, at the door, or by calling 614.410.4550. All major credit cards are accepted.

Bocce Ball Courts
Two regulation bocce ball courts are available for public use, subject to senior adult programming and league play. Bocce ball sets may be checked out at the Welcome Desk by players 18 and older.

The classrooms house a variety of programs, including pottery and arts & crafts—meeting the needs of preschoolers, children, teens, adults and senior adults.

Community Hall
The Community Hall provides space for parties, receptions, meetings and community events. The facility seats up to 300 or can be divided into smaller rooms.

Abbey theater of Dublin
A 200-seat theater can be used for musical, theatrical and dance performances; film/video; lectures; and seminars.

Computer Lab
Equipped with workstations and a variety of software programs, the computer lab provides high-speed Internet access and opportunities for beginning and intermediate instruction. Open to ages 18 & up.

Family Locker Rooms
Each family locker room has its own shower, restroom and lockers. One locker room, designed for people with special needs, features a dressing table.

Fitness Area
Looking for free weights and cardiovascular equipment? Check out the fully equipped fitness area on the first floor. You will find treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles and stair steppers along with free weights, Nautilus and a complete set of Cybex strength equipment.

Group Fitness Studios
If you enjoy group fitness, check out the myriad of classes offered. Two state-of-the-art studios feature suspended floors to help reduce impact and injury. Several pass options are available, allowing participants to choose from a weekly schedule of classes that include Spinning®, Pilates and TRX.

Jogging/Walking Track
Joggers and walkers on the second floor track can cover a mile in 13 laps. An expanse of windows provides views of the pools and the outdoors.

Multi-Purpose Pool
The competitive/lap pool measures 25 yards by 25 meters and has two one-meter diving boards. This pool often is divided for activities such as aqua aerobics, open swim, swim team practice and instruction. Bleachers provide ample seating and a separate entrance makes it perfect for area swim meets. The natatorium walls in both the lap and leisure pools are lined with sound-absorbing material.

Leisure Pool
A unique feature of the DCRC is the leisure pool, which includes a lazy river, clam slide for children, double helix slide for those a little more daring and a zero-foot entry point for cautious tots. The warmer water and 3.5-foot maximum depth make this pool perfect for children, adults and senior adults.

Senior Adult Lounge
An elegant, cozy lounge welcomes senior adults to our center. Enjoy playing cards with friends, reading by a fireplace or simply relaxing in this peaceful environment.

Teen Lounge
A teen lounge offers space and a variety of programming opportunities for Dublin teens.

Wee folk/Youth Lounge
While moms and dads are working out, attending a class or relaxing in the hot tub, they can rest assured that their children—from ages 6 weeks to 12 years—are nearby and safe. Children can play in the indoor or outdoor area or engage in age-appropriate games and activities.

Courtesy & Rules

Hours of Operation
Our parks are open for your enjoyment from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise noted at the park or during certain special events.

A number of our shelters and pavilions are available to reserve on a first-come, first serve basis. Please be courteous of your neighbors and abide by your reservation times.

Keep it Clean
We’re sure you’ll find Dublin’s parks and bikeways to be clean, beautiful places to enjoy with your family. The City strives to keep its parks, playgrounds and bikeways clean and free of litter. Please leave the parks as clean as you find them so that others will enjoy them as much as you do. Disposal of litter in public places is prohibited unless placed in public trash containers or using City-authorized containers as part of the City’s refuse, recycling and yard waste collection programs.

We know your furry friends enjoy nature as much as you do. We ask you to be safe and courteous with your pets.

Animals may not run at-large in our parks. All animals must be under the owner’s control at all times. All pets must be securely leashed, kept in a vehicle or suitably caged.

Animal owners also must pick up and properly dispose of any fecal matter left by their pets. It’s not just courteous — it’s the law!

Horses are allowed in designated areas of Glacier Ridge Metro Park.

Hunting and Fishing
For the safety of our residents, hunting is forbidden in the City. Fishing is permitted in designated areas, including certain City park ponds and in the Scioto River (with a license). Please fish only in ponds where signs prohibiting fishing are not posted.

Respect our Parks
Plants and animals also are part of the Dublin community. Please respect the plant and animal life and ecosystems of our natural areas. Enjoy the flowers, trees and other flora without picking or damaging plants. Touching or disturbing wildlife, including animal and bird nesting areas and eggs can be dangerous to humans — not to mention our flora and fauna! And please do not damage or remove any property or natural feature, including stones and minerals, earth, wood, and nuts. Take only pictures and leave only footprints in our parks.

Rules & Regulations

Dublin Recreation Services is committed to providing quality recreation programs and facilities for the Dublin community. Use of the facilities by families and citizens is strongly encouraged. The following policies have been established to operate the DCRC and to ensure our patrons quality and safe recreation experiences:

  • Proper and valid identification is required to gain access to the DCRC. Users of the DCRC need to check in at the front desk and provide annual pass, resident card, temporary pass or pay the daily pass rate for admittance.
  • Annual pass holders who do not present their annual pass will only be admitted if an alternate form of photo identification is produced.
  • Resident card holders must present their Dublin Resident ID card each visit to receive the daily pass discount rate.
  • Annual passes are not transferable and will be deemed void when in the hands of those other than the proper registrant.
  • The DCRC and its grounds are smoke- and alcohol-free environments by City ordinance.
  • Eating and drinking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Children ages 9 and under must have adult/guardian at least 16 years of age supervising at all times.  Supervising adults must keep children ages 4 and under within arm’s reach; there must be at least one adult for each two children in this age group. Children ages 5 through 7 must be within sight of their attending adult at all times. Children ages 8 and 9 must have an adult in the facility at all times. For children ages 5 through 9, there must be one adult for every five children. Children ages 10 years and over may enter the facility without an adult supervisor.
  • Youth must be 16 years of age or older to be on the fitness floor.  Youth ages 12 – 15 years are permitted on the fitness floor if directly supervised by an adult or if they have passed the Junior Fitness Card Program (see Fitness Program Section). Youth under the age of 12 years are not permitted on the fitness floor area at anytime.
  • Youth must be 13 years of age or older to be on the track or in the track stretching areas.  Youth ages 8 – 12 years are permitted on the track if directly supervised by an adult or if they have passed the Junior Track Program (see Fitness Program Section). Youth may enroll in the Junior Track Program if they are ages 10-12.  Youth under the age of 8 years are not permitted on the track at anytime unless utilizing the pool observation area with an adult.
  • Changes in recreation schedules may occur without notice. Staff will post changes in the schedule with as much advance notice as possible. Current pool, aerobics and open gym schedules are available at the Front Desk.
  • Dublin Recreation Services is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. It is strongly recommended that you lock your possessions in a locker during your visit to the DCRC.
  • Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Locks may not be left on lockers overnight. Locks which are left overnight will be removed by staff.
  • All participants must observe the rules and regulations relating to the safety and operation of the facilities. Any passholder who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the DCRC will be subject to the following penalties:
  • One week’s suspension from use of the facilities upon the first incident;
  • Thirty days suspension from use of the facilities upon the second incident;
  • One year suspension from use of the facilities upon a third violation; and
  • Permanent suspension from use of the facilities upon any subsequent incident.

The following activities, although not an exhaustive list, are examples of behaviors that will result in disciplinary action and police reports when applicable:

  • Fighting
  • Stealing
  • Property Damage
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal damage
  • Verbal abuse of staff and/or patrons
  • Not following posted policies and rules

DCRC Regular Building Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 5:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

2024 Modified Hours

  • New Year’s Day: Monday, Jan. 1 open from 8 a.m. to noon
  • Easter: Sunday, March 31 – CLOSED
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 27 open from 8 a.m. to noon
  • Independence Day: Thursday, July 4 open from 8 a.m. to noon
  • Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 2 – CLOSED
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 28 open from 8 a.m. to noon
  • Christmas Eve: Tuesday, Dec. 24 open from 5:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Christmas: Wednesday, Dec. 25 – CLOSED
  • New Year’s Eve: Tuesday, Dec. 31 open from 5:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • New Year’s Day: Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2025 open from 8 a.m. to noon

2024 Dublin Irish Festival Special Hours

  • Friday, Aug. 2 open from 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Saturday, Aug. 3 open from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Sunday, Aug. 4 – CLOSED

2024 Annual Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

The Dublin Community Recreation Center (DCRC) will be closed from Saturday, Aug. 24 through Monday, Sept. 2, 2024 for annual cleaning, maintenance and repairs. The DCRC will reopen at 5:30am Tuesday, Sept. 3. Offices will be staffed for phone calls from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

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