Administrative Services

Planning, coordinating, and directing a broad range of services that allow the City to operate effectively.

The Mayor’s Court for the City of Dublin normally meets on the second, third and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 5 p.m. If you are issued a citation, it will tell you the date and time of the Court hearing.


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Facilities is responsible for the overall building maintenance, repairs, renovations and custodial services of existing physical assets. Fleet Management is responsible for ensuring that city vehicles are available, dependable, cost effective, energy efficient, and safe to operate


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Human Resources provides information about the City’s many career and growth opportunities as well as programs beneficial for you and your family.


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Through technology we empower people, connect community and craft solutions to support a digitally literate city that works for everyone.


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Performance Analytics was created to bring emphasis to the importance of aligning the organization’s activities and services with Council Visionary Goals and Strategic Operational Goals; measuring the success of those activities and services; and continually improving those activities and services.


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The Outreach and Engagement division supports the achievement of meaningful, inclusive community engagement through innovative service and learning opportunities that support and enhance City services and Dublin’s quality of life.


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