U.S. 33-S.R. 161-Post Road Interchange Improvements

Work is underway on the U.S. 33/S.R. 161/Post Road interchange improvements! The project is expected to be completed in spring 2025. Check ODOT’s website for the latest information. Work Status Reconstruction of both U.S. 33 bridges over Post Road/S.R. 161 Reconstruction/widening of Post Road/S.R. 161 Traffic Impact The U.S. 33/S.R. 161/Post Road Interchange project entered construction phase […]

Hyland-Croy Road Improvements

The City is completing improvements to Hyland-Croy Road, in conjunction with the Hyland Glen Development and U.S. 33/S.R. 161/Post Road Interchange project. The project will widen Hyland-Croy Road to three lanes and add connections to three new intersections: #1 – Springview Lane (right in/right out), #2 – Moorland Drive (signalized), #3 – Holbein Drive/Weldon Road […]

Bright Road Improvements and Emerald Parkway Roundabout

To prepare for increased traffic and improve access to the future Mount Carmel Dublin, improvements are scheduled for the Bright Road corridor and the Bright Road/Sawmill Road intersection. A roundabout will be constructed on Emerald Parkway at the hospital’s entrance near Bright Road. Work Status: Construction of a new roundabout on Emerald Parkway south of […]

University Boulevard Phase 2 Construction

The University Boulevard Phase 2 project is underway, with installation of public roadway, new concrete curb and traffic signal upgrade. Completion of this project is expected in January 2023. Currently, the project is working on the re-alignment of Shier Rings Road between Eiterman Road and Avery Road, creating University Boulevard. Construction is also in process […]

River Forest Drainage and Roadway Improvements

The City of Dublin is committed to delivering world class, innovative and efficient services to residents that make Dublin the most desirable and sustainable community. The River Forest Drainage and Roadway Improvements project will provide the City’s River Forest neighborhood with much-needed roadway rehabilitation and maintenance, with the goal to improve the subdivision’s roadway drainage […]

O’Shaughnessy Dam Gatehouse Improvements

This is a City of Columbus project for the O’Shaughnessy Dam Gatehouse Improvements. This work will make masonry and lighting repairs at the power gatehouse, outlet gatehouse and pavilion while also replacing broken guardrail balusters along the sidewalk at various points along the bridge. The westbound lane of Glick Road is closed between Riverside Drive […]

Tree Replacement Project

Residents and visitors should expect some activity in the buffer between Hayden Run Road and Dublin Road this March. Crews will begin a tree replacement project on Feb. 26 with a timeline of approximately three weeks of work. During the project, 100 diseased Evergreen trees will be replaced with a diverse mix of new Evergreens. […]

South High Street Utility Burial

Phase 2: A public meeting for Phase 2 of this project was held Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023.  Download the Presentation As part of the Downtown Historic District beautification efforts, the City of Dublin will relocate the overhead utility lines (AEP and telecommunications) underground. Burying lines eliminates fire hazards, accidents, safety risks, and power outages due […]

Franklin Street Extension

Franklin Street is now open from Sells Alley to North Street. A traffic light and crosswalk have also been added. This project widens part of Franklin Street and adds on-street parking and brick sidewalks to this area of Downtown Dublin to benefit residents and visitors. Work Status Phase 2: Construction of Franklin Street between West […]

Shawan Falls Drive Bridge Maintenance

As part of ongoing infrastructure improvements, a vehicular bridge north of Bridge Street on Shawan Falls Drive will be replaced, along with the addition of a sidewalk and traffic signal upgrades. Work Status Bridge reconstruction across North Fork Indian Run Creek Roadway and drive entrance reconstruction Replacement of traffic signal system Traffic Impact Shawan Falls […]

City Council Approves 5-Year Capital Improvements Program

(Dublin, OH) Dublin City Council has approved a five-year capital improvements program (CIP) for 2024-2028, for $256,481,342 and includes 148 projects over five years. Key projects within the 2024-2028 CIP include: Darree Fields Park Enhancements – $12.5M Emerald Parkway/Mount Carmel roundabout – $2M Eiterman Road relocation – $7.8M Tuller Road to Emerald Parkway over I-270 […]

Bright Road Corridor Improvements

To ease congestion and reduce delays along the Bright Road and Sawmill Road corridors, capacity improvements are planned at the intersection of Bright and Sawmill roads and along Bright Road. The Bright Road corridor will be widened on both sides. Turn lanes will be added to the northbound left and the eastbound right turn movements […]

Dublin Road Resurfacing

ODOT will resurface Dublin Road between Emerald Parkway and Glick Road starting April 12. Work will begin with sidewalk ramp replacement at the Brand Road/Dublin Road roundabout. Drivers will see northbound and southbound lane closures on the roundabout’s south side for a few days until work is complete. Traffic will be maintained in both directions. Resurfacing begins April 17 at Glick Road and moves south. Traffic will be flagged in both directions during this time. Work should be completed by mid-May.

Dig This! Future Engineer

Due to Dublin resident Andrea Niewiesk grandson’s love of construction vehicles, especially excavators, the two made regular visits to Dublin Road to watch the trucks over the summer and fall. Andrea had high praise all around for the crews but especially Elite Excavating operator Jordan Oyster, who went out of his way to be kind to […]

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