Address Assignment

City of Dublin Engineering assigns addresses with in the city limits. The addresses are assigned according to a grid system that starts at the intersection of Broad and High in the City of Columbus. Addresses on the east or north side of the street will be even and those on the west and south will be odd. The addresses are assigned in coordination with the City’s emergency service and post office.

Final addresses for residential subdivisions are assigned once the plat has been recorded at the appropriate County Recorder’s Office. The plats will be available to be viewed on this web page first. Once the City has reviewed the plat and the preliminary addresses that were established, the final assigned addresses will be posted on this page.

For commercial developments, addresses are assigned after the applicant has received final approval from Planning and Zoning.

Please note the plats are for lot number reference and information purposes only. They are not to be used as a scalable drawing or legal document. Scalable drawings should be obtained from Engineering or the appropriate County Recorder’s Office.

If you have any questions regarding the addresses posted, please contact Engineering at 614.410.4600. If you are requesting a new address, please email the request to Please include in the email the location and the reason for the address.

6345 & 6341 Emerald ParkwayCommercial4-19-24PlatList
4101 Emerald ParkwayCommercial1-9-24PlatList
6780 Liggett RoadCommercial12-28-23PlatList
5800 Shier Rings RoadCommercial12-18-23Plat
Building G1 – Bridge ParkResidential12-7-23PlatList
Hyland GlenResidential11-19-23PlatList
Ayrshire FarmsResidential8-31-23PlatList
Dublin Elementary XVCommercial7-12-23PlatList
The BaileyResidential6-30-23PlatList
5800 Shire RingsCommercial6-30-23PlatList
The TheodoreCommercial6-23-23PlatList
Avondale Woods Sec 2Residential6-20-23PlatList
Oak Park Subarea F (2)Residential4-14-23PlatList
Oak Park Subarea FResidential3-29-23PlatList
Higher Ground Education – 5675 Avery RoadCommercial1-25-23PlatList
Building B at the CornersCommercial1-5-23PlatList
Building G2 in Bridge ParkCommercial11-21-22PlatList
7680 Dublin RoadResidential11-9-22ListList
Dental Reflections – 4998 Rings RoadCommercial9-19-22PlatList
Towns on the Parkway – Phase 1 and 2Commercial9-12-22PlatList
10567 Dublin RoadCommercial9-12-22PlatList
7200 Nature DriveResidential8-12-22PlatList
4105 Emerald ParkwayCommercial8-3-22PlatList
Bridge Park Building F2 and F3 (The Bailey)Commercial7-25-22PlatList
6445 Abbey LaneCommercial6-19-22PlatList
The Theodore – Bridge Park Building G3Commercial6-19-22PlatList
308 Cramer Creek CourtResidential6-10-22PlatList
6600 Dublin Center DriveCommercial4-28-22PlatList
6700 University BlvdCommercial4-25-22PlatList
8218 Riverside DriveResidential4-25-22Plat
3267 Lilly-Mar CourtResidential3-1-22PlatList
Overlook at Tartan RidgeResidential2-2-22PlatList
5833 – 5885 Frantz RoadCommercial2-2-22PlatList
3841 Tonti DriveResidential1-21-22Plat
576 Metro Place NorthCommercial10-21-21Plat
Deer Run Subdivision BResidential8-16-21Plat
5853 Frantz Road – The Corners Building BCommercial6-22-21Plat
10555 Dublin RoadCommercial6-21-21Plat
6781 Longshore StreetCommercial6-2-21PlatList
6157 Emerald ParkwayCommercial6-2-21Plat
6231 Avery RoadCommercial5-21-21Plat
6200 Enterprise CourtCommercial5-10-21Plat
29 and 25 Blacksmith LaneResidential4-29-21Plat
4422 Bellaire AvenueResidential3-08-21Plat
Bridge Park Building B2Commercial2-21-21Plat
5885 Frantz RoadResidential1-21-21Plat
6260 and 6280 Post RoadResidential12-08-20Plat
5374 Avery Road – Ohio Sinus InstituteCommercial10-19-20Plat
Autumn Rose WoodsResidential10-19-20PlatList
5164 Blazer Parkway Rear EntranceCommercial10-06-20Plat
5164 Blazer Parkway Secondary Front EntranceCommercial9-22-20Plat
5845 Post RoadCommercial9-18-20Plat
Deer Run EstatesResidential9-15-20Plat
8200 Riverside DriveCommercial6-22-20Plat
5600 Innovation DriveCommercial6-3-20Plat
6140 Cara RoadResidential5-28-20Plat
5195 Blazer ParkwayCommercial5-20-20Plat
The Hamlet On JeromeCommercial5-5-20Plat
6280 Post RoadCommercial4-28-20Plat
7685 Dublin Plain City RoadCommercial3-30-20Plat
Midwestern Auto GroupCommercial3-20-20Plat
6767 Dublin Center DriveCommercial2-25-20Plat
Bridge Park East Building A1Commercial10-18-19Plat
Bridge Park Building D4 & D5Commercial9-26-19PlatList
Bridge Park Building D3Commercial9-26-19PlatList
Bridge Park Building D2Commercial9-24-19PlatList
Bridge Park Building D1Commercial9-24-19PlatList
3805 Emerald ParkwayCommercial7-26-19Plat
6825 Dublin Center DriveCommercial7-26-19Plat
6200 Shamrock CourtCommercial6-27-19Plat
5980 Perimeter DriveCommercial6-27-19Plat
6800 & 6822 Cacchio LaneCommercial5-23-19Plat
5170 Locust Hill LaneResidential5-16-19Plat
Dublin Medical Office BuildingCommercial5-8-19Plat
4475 Bridge Park AvenueCommercial5-8-19Plat
Riviera section 2 – Lot 83Commercial5-1-19PlatList
5185 Blazer Parkway Suite 101Commercial4-10-19Plat
6599 Longshore StreetCommercial3-22-19Plat
6349 Delta LoopCommercial3-22-19Plat
Bridge Park Block HCommercial2-25-19PlatList
7734 Brandonway DriveCommercial2-8-19Plat
Ballantrae WoodsResidential1-29-19PlatList
6180 Eiterman RoadCommercial1-8-19Plat
Autumn Rose Woods Sec 2Residential09-25-18Plat->List
Autumn Rose Woods Sec 1Residential12-20-18Plat->List
Riviera Section 1Commercial1-8-17PlatList
Riviera Section 3-1Commercial1-8-17PlatList
Riviera Section 3-2Commercial1-8-17PlatList
Riviera Section 4Commercial1-8-17PlatList
MAG Jaguar & Land Rover BuildingCommercial12-28-17PlatList
Bridge Park East – Building C2Commercial11-16-17PlatList
Vaso – Rooftop of AC Marriott HotelCommercial11-15-17PlatList
7457 Dublin RoadResidential10-30-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Block HResidential10-14-17PlatList
475 Metro PlaceCommercial10-13-17PlatList
Tuller FlatsResidential10-6-17PlatList
Bride Park East Building B2 – Second – Sixth FloorCommercial10-6-17PlatList
Bridge Park West Building ZCommercial9-21-17PlatList
Ashland LLCCommercial9-21-17Plat 
5185 Blazer ParkwayCommercial8-30-17PlatList
Riveria Section 2Residential8-30-17PlatList
Wyandotte Woods Section 9 & 10Residential7-7-17PlatList
Bridge Park West Building Z – First FloorCommercial6-19-17PlatList
Bridge Park East B5 Parking GarageCommercial6-5-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Block B – First FloorCommercial6-5-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building B4 – Floors 2 – 5Commercial4-24-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building C1Commercial4-24-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building B2 – Floors 2 – 6Commercial4-24-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building C4 – Floors 2 – 6Commercial4-24-17PlatList
The Spot AthleticsCommercial4-6-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building B1Residential3-28-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Building B4Commercial3-28-17PlatList
Tartan West Subarea J Section 7Residential3-13-17PlatList
Bridge Park East Block ACommercial2-14-17PlatList
Riviera Section 1Residential2-14-17PlatList
Riviera Section 2Residential2-14-17PlatList
Ballantrae WoodsResidential1-18-17PlatList
Village at Coffman Park Phase IIIResidential1-18-17PlatList
Hawthorne CommonsResidential1-6-17PlatList
Bridge Park East – Building C3, Revised First Floor AddressesCommercial1-6-17PlatList
Coffman ReserveResidential11-30-16PlatList
8200 Trails End DriveResidential11-30-16Plat
4418 Summit View RoadResidential11-9-16Plat
Willow Grove PoolCommercial10-5-16Plat
Bridge Park East – Building C2Commercial9-16-16PlatList
Bridge Park East – Building C3Commercial9-16-16PlatList
Bridge Park East – Block CCommercial9-16-16PlatList
Bridge Park East – Building C5, Parking Garage AddressCommercial1-10-17PlatList
Floors 2-5 of building “C1” in the Bridge Park East developmentCommercial9-1-16


Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

First floor “B1” in the Bridge Park East developmentCommercial9-1-16PlatList
First floor “C1” in the Bridge Park East developmentCommercial9-1-16PlatList
The Glens at BallantraeResidential8-30-16PlatList
Deer Run Section 1Residential8-26-16PlatList
6670 Crosby CourtCommercial5-25-16PlatList
Stansbury at Muirfield VillageResidential5-12-16PlatList
Parcel ID 274-001687 north of the Ballantrae Section 6 subdivisionResidential5-2-16PlatList
Lot 1 of Crosby Business ParkCommercial5-2-16PlatList
Medical Office Buildings 2 & 3 3 at the SW Corner of Innovation Drive and Emerald ParkwayCommercial5-2-16PlatList
Lot 70 of Tartan Ridge Section 1 Part 2Residential4-26-16PlatList
Lot 210 of the Tartan Ridge Section 5 Part 2Residential4-12-16PlatList
Estates at Scioto Crossing IIIResidential3-11-16PlatList
Deer Run Section 1Residential12-09-15PlatList
Lots 1 and 2 of Hemingway Village Section 1Residential10-30-15Plat
Aspen EnergyCommercial9-15-15Plat
Swan CleanersCommercial7-17-15Plat
Southwest Corner of Sawmill and Emerald ParkwayCommercial6-22-15Plat
5695 Innovation DriveCommercial6-14-15Plat
Crosby Court Lot 2Commercial1-14-15PlatList
Crosby Court Lot 3Commercial1-14-15PlatList
Ballantrae Section 6 Part 2Residential9-22-16PlatList
Celtic CrossingResidential1-6-15PlatList
The Estates at Scioto CrossingResidential10-8-14PlatList
5700 Innovation DriveCommercial7-29-14Plat
The State Bank & Trust CompanyCommercial7-7-14Plat
5565 Perimeter DriveCity Owned5-9-14Plat
Links at Ballantrae Section 1Residential4-10-14PlatList
Links at Ballantrae Section 2Residential4-10-14PlatList
Wellington ReserveResidential3-7-14PlatList
Bobcat WayCommercial1-24-14Plat
200 South High StreetResidential1-17-14Plat
Donegal Cliffs Section 6Residential1-17-14PlatList
Wyandotte Woods Section 8Residential12-18-13PlatList
Wyandotte Woods Section 7Residential12-18-13PlatList
Dublin Assisted LivingResidential10-31-13Site Plan
Ballantrae Section 9 Part 1Residential8-21-13PlatList
Ballantrae Section 9 Part 2Residential8-21-13PlatList
Tartan Ridge Section 5 Part 2Residential8-20-13PlatList
The Learning Experience DaycareCommercial8-20-13Site Plan
Vrable Skilled Nursing FacilityCommercial4-8-13Site Plan
Tartan Ridge Section 5-1Residential4-10-13PlatList
MAG ComplexCommercial1-17-13Site Plan
The PerimeterCommercial2-15-12Site Plan
7980 Riverside DriveResidential12-21-12Plat
Hayden Farms Addition 2 Address AssignmentResidential11-14-12Plat
Shoppes at River Ridge RevisedCommercial10-1-12Site Plan
Dublin Memory Care FacilityCommercial10-1-12Site Plan
7094 Dublin RoadResidential10-1-12Plat
Tartan Ridge Section 2 Part 2Residential7-5-12PlatList
Tartan Ridge Section 2 Part 3Residential7-5-12PlatList
Tartan Ridge Section 4Residential7-5-12PlatList
4780 Bright Road (Previous address 7200 Riverside Drive)Residential5-21-12Plat
Dublin Plaza on Bridge StreetCommercial5-2-12Site Plan
Muirfield Village Golf Club – New Fitness and Cart BuildingCommercial1-27-12Site Plan
MAG BMW and MiniCommercial1-27-12Site Plan
Heartland of DublinCommercial10-21-11Site Plan
Tartan Ridge Section 2 Part 1Residential8-1-13PlatList
Scioto CrossingResidential10-4-11PlatList
Ballantrae Section 8 Part 2Residential8-15-11PlatList
Avery Square New AddressesCommercial7-27-11Site Plan
7625 Hospital DriveCommercial5-25-11Site Plan
5375 Post RoadCommercial5-25-11Site Plan
4251 Summit View RoadCommercial5-9-11Site Plan
39 North H. StreetCommercial5-4-11Site Plan
Future Dublin Road Water Tank.Commercial4-27-11Site Plan
Villas of CorazonResidential4-15-11PlatList
Avondale Senior VillageResidential3-8-11PlatList
Kroger Fuel CenterCommercial12-7-10Site Plan
Perimeter Shopping CenterCommercial11-9-10Site Plan
Ballantrae Section 7Residential10-14-10PlatList
Chase Bank 7675 Sawmill RoadCommercial7-7-10Site Plan
Tartan Ridge Section 3Residential12-3-09PlatList
Delta EnergyCommercial11-10-09Site Plan
Karrer Barn SiteResidential10-8-09Plat
Dublin Skate ParkResidential8-5-09Plat
Name Change: Portion of Darby Street to North StreetResidential4-30-09Plat
Name Change: Wichita Street to Wichita DriveResidential4-30-09Plat
Avery SquareCommercial11-10-08Site Plan
DBS Office ComplexCommercial10-17-08Site Plan
4960 Blazer ParkwayCommercial10-6-08Site Plan
IGS Corporate HeadquartersCommercial8-14-08Site Plan
Village SquareCommercial8-5-08Site Plan
Holiday Inn ExpressCommercial4-24-08Site Plan
Dublin PlazaCommercial4-16-08Site Plan
Bridge & High StreetsCommercial4-8-08Site Plan
Muirfield Golf Villas Phases 2 and 3
(updated from 6-12-06)
Wyandotte Woods Sec. 6Residential8-26-08PlatList
Oak ParkResidential8-12-08PlatList
Nicklaus Estates
(Muirfield Village Phase 46)
Tartan Ridge Section 1 Part 1Residential4-24-08PlatList
Tartan Ridge Section 1 Part 2Residential4-24-08PlatList
Heather Bluff EstatesResidential4-16-08PlatList
5512 Aryshire CourtResidential2-14-08Plat
Villas at BallantraeResidential2-11-08PlatList

Public Records Request Overview

In order to support faster response and better tracking of requests, the City of Dublin uses JustFOIA to collect, respond to and manage public information requests.

Why JustFOIA?

JustFOIA is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online application that helps streamline the open records request process for the community and improve efficiencies in getting requested information quickly and accurately.

The application lets community members submit requests for all city records, including police reports. Commonly requested information includes accident reports, copies of resolutions and body-camera video.

Submit a Public Records Request


We are and always have been a proud local democracy. In our service, we strive to provide the best quality of life and environment in which our residents and businesses can thrive. We seek to ally our proud traditions with the best innovations of the future.


Dublin, Ohio, is the most sustainable, connected and resilient global city of choice.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Communication, Teamwork, Accountability, Positive Attitude & Dedication to Service.

The City of Dublin operates under a set of seven key core values: integrity, respect, communication, teamwork, accountability, positive attitude and dedication to service. Staff members use these seven values as the basis for daily decision-making, including the decisions that go into the budget process.

  • Integrity. We are open and honest. We honor our commitments to the community and each other. Our actions are consistent with what we say.
  • Respect. We treat our coworkers and members of the community with courtesy and dignity. We embrace diversity and acknowledge the needs, responsibilities and inherent worth of each individual.
  • Communication. We maintain an environment in which employees feel free to share ideas and information. We promote open interaction throughout the organization to ensure knowledge and understanding among all employees and our community.
  • Teamwork. We create a climate in which all employees work together and support the individual talents and contributions of team members. We celebrate successes and see mistakes as opportunities for growth; we will never willingly let a member of our team fail.
  • Accountability. We are responsible to our community and each other for our personal and organizational decisions, actions and performance results. We are committed stewards of our City’s assets and resources.
  • Positive Attitude. We focus our efforts on constructive behavior, attitudes and solutions. We promote an environment that people love going to every day – a place where each individual can find a sense of belonging, inspiration, enjoyment and meaning.
  • Dedication to Service. We pursue innovation and continuous improvement in all we do. We are committed to efficient, effective and responsive service delivery that makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Leadership Philosophy

We are members of an organization that succeeds because of teamwork, dedication, diversity and the innovative spirit of all of   our members. Together, we build a culture of trust, service, mutual respect, inclusion and open communication. We hold ourselves mutually accountable to promote and sustain continuous learning and to develop the learning potential that exists in every member of our team.

City Code

The complete Dublin City Code is available online at American Legal City Ordinance website. Information staff at the Dublin branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library are available to help navigate this website.

Revised Charter of Dublin, Ohio

This Revised Charter, as adopted on March 19, 1996, became effective on July 4, 1996.

Zoning Code

The Zoning Code for Dublin is Chapter 153 of the Dublin Code of Ordinances. The Zoning Code sets land development requirements and establishes different uses within individual districts. Zoning regulations address the physical development of a site, such as building height, lot requirements, setbacks from lot lines, minimum numbers of parking spaces, sign types and sizes, and other related regulations.

Jenny Rauch, Director of Planning


Code Enforcement:

Zoning Compliance:


Monday – Friday
8 am – 5 pm

Contact Us

Brad Fagrell, PE, Director of Building Standards, Chief Building Official

Permit Window: 614.410.4670

Review Services: 614.410.4608


Permit Window Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Inspector Phone Availability:
7:30 a.m. – 3:30 a.m.

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Paul Hammersmith, Director of Engineering



Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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